1 Year of Sunny Days

1 Year of Sunny Days

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One year ago today, I wrote "equinox (sunny days)," the first song on my new album "ten types of love." I wrote sunny days on a beautiful day during my favorite time of year: the end of the summer and the start of the fall. Freshly back from Canada, I was enjoying a wonderful sunny day. The day was so perfect that my professor for one class decided to hold our seminar outside, facing the quad. I should have been focusing on the discussion, but I couldn't because (oops) I had other things on my mind. Today, I went back and checked my syllabus for that class, and discovered that the day I wrote sunny days, we were discussing Aeschylus' The Eumenides, an ancient Greek tragic play. In The Eumenides, a pack of screeching "furies" hunts down a man named Orestes to torment and punish him because he killed his mother, who had recently killed his father. I'm not sure what about that warm-and-fuzzy plot line compelled me to write the (for lack of a better word) simpiest song on the album. However, knowing that we were discussing a famous tragedy does add a bit of humour and context to the line "Wise men read books and stuff / But wise men are sad." 

All and all the song is almost shockingly academic, and, after releasing it, I have rightfully been called out for my egregious nerdiness. The song is full of references: to mythology, to literature, to psychology, to art, and to other songs. See if you can count them all! 

"Equinox (sunny days)" was the last song on the album to be named, and I really struggled to name it. Once, I even considered randomly generating a title and naming the song that. Ultimately, I was between "quad waltz," "equinox," and "sunny days." Although waltzing might have been left out of the song's title, it is, to me at least, still central to the song's meaning. The song is a waltz and a daydream, both of which take place on the quad. 

There's a lot more I could say about sunny days, but I really need to start paying attention to class now (I think I have a problem haha). I can't help but laugh a little bit that it's been rainy and gross all day, when a year ago it was such a sunny day that I wrote a song about it. Hopefully another sunny day will come soon, but until then you can have the song as a substitute for real Vitamin D.

Libby Garnett
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